Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All humans are the same. Isnt it?

This is just a thought that has been in my mind for days now…..

Isn’t it true that all the human beings in the world are same? But then why have the world divided into various nations. Many a times these very boundaries have created distance between the humans. There are other cases where people from different countries have come together but this could be achieved without the divisions in the land. The landforms were never created with walls in between them. It is we humans due to various reasons have created the walls. These very walls have led to fierce battles between countries with great loss to both countries. And the reason for wars is that one says a particular land belongs to us while the other country thinks otherwise. I understand that the very human nature has but if we can overcome that then many problems could be solved. Like, it may help in controlling terrorism. The terrorists may take the advantage of differences of two nations or groups within a country to trigger a conflict. It is very difficult to achieve it but certainly not impossible to unite the whole world. Have a central parliament…… just as a democracy like India functions with countries of today being like the states of India. This will indeed help the human race to survive for long.

And it is often said that when a specially trained person moves out to a different country, the home country which has trained the person is suffering a brain drain. This is indeed true in today’s world where each country is competing with other. But then after all, the person actually works for the betterment of humans.

I may be very difficult but this is just a thought out of my mind. May be many people think the same but at the same time we have people who are selfish and are hindering the development for their needs. I have no idea of the political, economic implications of what I think but I truly believe in it.

Please comment and give your views on the same….

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