Thursday, January 29, 2009

hostel life

a experience for the whole life.................hostel life

in the begining i used to think that i will miss home and all that but now i realise my parents were indeed right, hostel life is a teaches u many things u wont learn in the safety of your house

the day starts slowly at 7 if there is a class otherwise it never starts before 9............then u go for a second round of sleep in the loo have breakfast and again sleep, go to the classes and u realise its evening

so go for a stroll about the market

by the time u come back u realise its night

have a round of playing cards, play sum games, orkutting, blogging and u are off again

so this is a normal day of a normal guy like me in the hostel

now to the things u learn

the thing i learnt the most is how to manage with the money and never trust it with anyone

cz sum people never return sad

but ya u have to be damn careful also.....can easily get spoiled

smoking and drinking

now anyone would think when these people study

thats a question which cannot be answered cz i dont know how i manage with it


  1. Staying in a hostel is always a learning experience, it teaches one how to be independent and how to deal with people.


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