Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Electronics Fresher

This is to tell you all about my branch fresher. The fresher of electronics engineering was scheduled on 11th of February 2009. All the students gathered at the GJLT at 6. The formal programme started at 6.30pm when the professors came. Then there was introduction of the department by the professors. Dr. Vishnu Priye sir told how the teachers were making efforts to improve the branch and the placements. He also told about a plan under which every professor will have some students under him. This will help the students in getting reccos and projects and proper development. He also added that the gestation peiod of the department was now over and now is the time to move forward.
The next address was by Dr. B. S. R. Sastry sir. He mainly highlighted the need to study and maintain a good GPA. He also pointed out the need to study hard from the beginning so that we don’t face difficulties in the third and final years. He further told how the branch evolved over the years.
Other professors also gave short speeches. Next the final year sirs gave us words of advice. Paras Agarwal sir told about the three lies of ISM. Another final year sir did mimicry of the professors. That was a very entertaining session.
In the meantime all the 1st years gave their introduction and their respective hobbies.
This was followed by the cultural programme. After the cultural programme professors were invited for the dinner. As the professors left we were told to give the full intros. The intros started with the girls. The funny part was that Nitisha Jain told her college was ISM, Jhansi.
The intros were stopped by Paras Agarwal sir and he himself gave his intro. After that all 1st years were made to dance on the stage. Dhruv performed pole dance. This was followe by the dinner and that was the end of the formal fresher of our branch….

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