Tuesday, February 24, 2009


God? Does he really exist?
This is a million dollar question which I think no one can answer. And the inspiration for this post comes from a discussion on the day of mahashivratri. Well the thing started with someone saying who all didn’t go to the temple today. And I was one of them. So everyone started calling me an atheist. I don’t think I am one. Only thing is that I think differently. I think it’s all about being sincere to yourself and everyone around you. Everyone has a god within him. That is why I do not believe in visiting temples. It’s like why would god want you to come all the way from your home just to meet him.
And because of this people call me atheist many a time. I definitely believe that there is some force which binds us together and we call it god. But I think it’s just your thinking that matters. And for me it’s just being sincere and honest to myself. Keep away from the evils in life and just be happy.
Well to be honest I had lot more to say but when I started to write this blog I just don’t know what happened and I lost everything. Now I have to take the ideas out of my heart again.

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  1. Hey, That is a very interesting question.. I am with you when you say that YOu have to believe yourself and not for big and elaborate ceremonies.. About visitors, just keep visiting other blogs...
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