Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cricket And More

As you can see in my profile I am a fan of test cricket. And my favourite team is Australia. I just love to watch their cricket. This causes many of my friends to think that I am not patriotic. That’s because I am a fan of the Australian team.

Well I think it’s a wrong concept. What is important is the way one plays cricket and one’s own mind. I like the aggression with which they play their cricket. Their commitment to the game is just wonderful. Just as an example I’ll tell you this; if the opposite team needs some forty runs in the last over you would never see them complacent. I have seen that rarely in other teams. And they also try to win the game till the last moment of the game.

One more thing like is that they just pounce on the opposition given a chance. I remember the group stage match between Australia and South Africa in the world cup 2007. The South Africans were just cruising and it looked like they would chase the runs. But then a wicket fell and they just lost it from there.

Now let me come to the patriotism. Some people tell me I am not. And I have to explain tem about that. I guess cricket is a game and one has to appreciate the game play. I always do that. Indians always play excellent cricket. But I like the consistency with which they have played over the years. The team that was built by Alan Border carried forward by Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh. Now it is in the hands of Ricky Ponting. It’s a long time I must say.

Well I think I am patriotic as any Indian because I feel the same pride when I see the Indian tricolour flying on the top of the main building of ISMU as any Indian would. I feel proud when the anthem is played at a multiplex. That is what I call love for the country and I very much do that.

That’s it I guess. I hope I won’t have to hear it again.

I love India.

Jai Hind………..

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