Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miss Beautiful

This post is all about a Miss beautiful. I will call her just G. No names because this might lead to some misunderstandings.
Well that’s not what I intend to but it might create one anyway. As you know I study in Indian School Of Mines and we have classes of around 80 people in one class. And there are only 3 girls. This is about one of them. All of them are beautiful. I believe all women in world are beautiful. It’s just essence of the beauty of a woman you need to realise. Oh yes it’s about one of them. I will call her Miss G.
Well she was beautiful as I say but then today it was special. Many of you would disagree with this but then it’s my view. I have seen her in different outfits over a few months. But never had she looked like today. She wore a yellow shirt with stripes. I don’t know much about ladies outfits so I would say I shirt. A formal shirt and a blue jeans.
She never looked so stunning in the last few months. Just when I saw her I decided that it will be on blogger. So I call her Miss Beautiful. That’s it I think. Was just a beautiful day man!
I guess she has not discovered this. And one more time she looked beautiful was when she used to wear Indian formals. But I think she feels comfortable otherwise.
That’s it for now. I guess people know what beauty is!

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