Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the complex world........

Hi friends. After a long time I am writing a new post.

This is about the complex world we live in. if I lie back and free my mind from everything and think about the world and the life it becomes very confusing. It’s such a complex world with so much of emotions. When I go away from my closed ones I just think what they are doing at an instant of time and this just cannot be answered. But why?? I think we are supposed to know at least what our most closed ones are doing. Another strange thing is that we do not know what a person X doing or thinking in his world. It’s just like there are a billion worlds in this world and our life is the process of visiting other worlds meeting their people. It is like intersection of various individual world which forms dense network and that is what we call life.

Whenever I fall in these thoughts I just can’t reach a conclusion.

I had some other ideas in class today but forgot them………………to be continued in Part 2

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