Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Girl

In our day to day life we meet people, we see people. We travel, we explore! In all this we always see people. We talk to some; some faces are carved in our memory and so on. Somewhere deep in our hearts we all remember some of the faces we see; we long to know them more and make friends with them.
But the world is so weird that we never meet them again. The people whom we want to know just go away or you move on with your work. And at times we do not have the courage to go up to that person and talk to him. This is because of various reasons. That person may be with a group or you may think what the person will think about you. This is like two trains crossing each other.
But I think this should not be happening. I should get some courage to go and talk. I am writing this because this has happened with me many times. Most recent is today when at a restaurant I saw a beautiful girl. Not of my age, so do not think otherwise! But she was very pretty and sweet. Well, I would have liked to know her and make friendship with her. But then I didn’t have any courage.
This has happened with me many times. On trains, buses, flights and so on. I should have known at least one of them. May be I feel more about it because I try to analyse a person on seeing him.
But yes this is how the world is. You dance to its tunes and you have no other choice most of the times.

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