Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is Love?

What is a love? It’s something I have not been able to decipher till date. We all are in love with someone. We love our parents, siblings, friends and family. I think it is but natural to love the people around you.

But the thing that amuses the most is the meaning of love when we grow up and start knowing the opposite sex. It’s something I have not been able to understand. What I feel though that it’s more of friendship than anything else. In both of them we have to be honest, truthful and sincere. Both of the relations collapse when any of the above is broken. But still there are people who indulge in illicit activities and hope that they will never be caught. But the face is that they are not in face loving the person they claim to be. It’s something I disapprove the most. According to me the whole world runs on the principle of trust.

Now, there are people who are always searching for their perfect love. Is this really possible? I guess it’s a natural process and we never know we are falling in love. It’s only when we miss the person when he is not there or when we feel jealous. It’s a very strange feeling I guess.

Then we hear in films that I will give my life for you. I don’t think someone will give his life however he loves the person. May be one in 1000 may do that. The thing is that if one person dies then what will the other do? His life is devastated and he is lonely again.

I guess that’s all. Honestly speaking I forgot some of the things I had planned to write.

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