Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Woman

In the movie hum tum it is said that god first created the world and rested for some time. Then he created the man and again rested. And finally he created the woman and since then both god and the man have not been able to rest. I guess that is true to so extent. I personally do not understand them even a bit.

It’s the biggest mystery in the world. If you can predict the actions of a girl u know then you are a real good mind reader. I have not able to that with my friends. At a certain moment she will be the happiest person on this earth and just the next moment she will be angry, sad and what not. She will scold you, abuse you and hit you. You will be left thinking about the action, whether you did something wrong and so on. Well that’s about the mystery. It’s not that I am trying to malign the fairer sex but that is what I have observed in my life.

But it is also said that there is always a woman behind a successful man. However it may be said that woman want to behind successful men only. Leaving jokes apart; I really think the world won’t be able to survive even for a day. It’s the woman who guides a man in difficult times. I don’t know how but girls just seem to think differently. If a man thinks from the mind then may be a girl thinks from the heart. This is a general perception but I have seen many exceptions too.

The sad thing however is the discrimination of women in various walks of life. We do accept that a man’s life is not complete without a woman then why this discrimination? Is it because the girl has to eventually leave the house she was born in. but then there are girls who take care of their parents better than the brothers. Then why is this discrimination? It’s very strange that politicians who call for equality are themselves involved in such crimes.

Well that is it. I end my saluting the great women of our country and the world.

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