Saturday, September 26, 2009

Austerity and more.........

We live in India, a country where most of the people are middle class or poor. They always live austere and simple lives. That is what I have seen. But our politicians seem to make a big deal of it. Recent news reports are flooded with our leaders following austerity measures. This comes after our finance minister made an appeal to our great leaders. And the ministers followed creating a great hoopla in the media. I know it is news but really speaking that how every public servant should be living. So no need to magnify it…..
Well I guess one need not be told what is to be done. All the respected MP’s, MLA’s are sensible enough to understand the conditions of our great country. But it seems like they are always in the pursuit of enjoying themselves costing the taxpayers’ money except a few, who really want to work for the masses. That is why we have to tell them to be austere. However, I think it should come from within. It is not that somebody tells you that and you do that. I don’t really think this would last long. After the media focus shifts the politicians will be back to what they do best.
Another issue that interested me is the twitter mania concerning Shashi Tharoor. Well, I myself use twitter and other social networking sites. And as far as I know he made the “cattle class” remark in reply to one of his followers. As he is holding a public office he should not be using such remarks but in this world no one is ideal. More importantly it did not offend many people of the general public; however it did offend many congressmen. Obviously it also offended other parties who are always ready to pounce on the slightest error by the opposition. I think people holding public offices should be careful in commenting on the web as there are lot eyes looking at the comments. Not like me who has very few followers………..
I guess that’s it for now…………………

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