Saturday, September 5, 2009


“Before writing anything I would like to pay my tributes to the former chief minister if Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y. S. R. Reddy. My friends from AP have told me that he was a great leader. I would like to salute him before starting my post.”

Now I will start with the post. I was born in Karnataka and I have lived in Goa for most of my life. In Goa the standard of living is quite high and the population is also not very high. And neither in Goa nor in Karnataka I saw too much of manpower being used. It is only used where skill and manpower is required as in construction etc.

In July 2008 I shifted to Dhanbad in Jharkhand for my education. There I saw too much of manpower being used for various purposes. Purposes which according to me; should not be done by humans. I often see someone pulling some very objects barefooted. This is not appreciable because such heavy weight cannot be pulled by any healthy man. Moreover, the person looks quite weak and seems to be struck by poverty. Another sad thing is the rickshaws being misused. It is alright if one person sits in a rickshaw. But if three or so sit in one rickshaw then it’s really a pity to see the man riding the rickshaw. This I guess is the mistake of the fellow citizens. They should at least think for the person. I remember my dad telling me to make minimal use of these rickshaws.

I don’t know the reasons for this. Possibly the high population and unemployment is driving this. But at the same time the administration should ensure to minimize is. I think this is intruding the basic principles of human rights. Well I am not acquainted with the political and economic depth of the issue but my heart and human conscience say that it is wrong.


  1. That's true. Manpower getting exploited in this fashion is a pity and it is quite relevant in northern India. The main reason being over-population, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment; all of the above being inter-related. I just hope that with time the situation improves and the people suffering from all these pains live a decent life.

  2. ya that is right
    we can only hope the situation improves

  3. yeah, very precise post buddy ! your thought process seems to rhyme with that of mine. What our society needs right now is the proper balance between the educated middle and upper class and the striving lower class. Hope your post evokes some good minds ! !

  4. breaking news-
    cycle rickshaws are not a human rights violation
    any other physical job is not a violation

    banning those same jobs and stopping their income is a violation

    population is said to be the main problem in this case right... then i think shooting every alternate dude in the country is the best answer... but oh thats a f**kin' human rights violation

    with mindsets like that of people in india change is impossible. a few dudes will work their asses off to try and improve the general situation of the public, but no... it doesnt help... in india its like speaking to a very stubborn a**l retentive b*****d, you cannot change the system, the system changes you.