Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the recent times there are debates that say that eBooks are slowly replacing the good old books. Then there are devices like Amazon Kindle which try to make the reading as real as possible. Moreover, they have the advantage of being handy. You can carry thousands of books in a single device. But how real is the experience really?

I like to read books and I read many of them. I have tried to read eBooks also but haven’t been able to do so. It just does not give me the real experience of turning the pages. When you turn the pages keeping in mind the usual thickness of a page and by mistake you turn two pages. The fun of collecting the favourite and author signed editions. The satisfaction of protecting the corners of a book! I think all this cannot be experienced in an eBook.
Now may be something about what I read. Well I like all kinds of books except the ones which are prescribed in my course. I would like to have a library of my own one day. That’s why I collect books but sometimes due to lack of money I cannot buy them. So sad na? But anyway …
I read all kinds of books, Fiction, nonfiction, literature etc. I like legal battles a lot, that’s why you will often find me turning pages of a Grisham book. Also, now I am finding that my pace of reading nonfiction is much lower than fiction. I think that’s because you have to be more attentive while reading nonfiction. Especially when you read something related to history like the new books by Jaswant Singh.
I think books are really a treasure and everyone should be reading them in their daily life.  

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