Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life and Death

We all go through our daily lives. Sometimes we fail, we taste success. We get ill and go through difficult times. Whenever we fall sick we think why is this happening after all? At least once we think of death and that horrifies us.
Many of us think that we should be immortal; our dear ones should not die at all. I used to think this in the childhood. But have we thought that death is what drives us to do things, to struggle in life.
This may seem very strange but it is worth giving a thought. How would we have lived our lives had there been no death? First of all world will be crowded with people. The more important thing is that we would not have feared anything. We would not have cared if we fail. There is no end to it and there are more chances to follow. In fact there are infinite chances. When we would fall sick it would not have just mattered. You are not going to die anyway. That condition would have given rise to dishonesty among couples the most. Well thank God this is not the situation.
In a way death is the driving force behind everything we do. A father and mother struggle to give their children a better life before their lives come to an end. We work hard so that we could achieve something in the time given to us. We want to give something back to the world before we leave this beautiful place. It allows us to compete with ourselves.
But at the same time death brings with itself pain and sorrow when it comes at a wrong time. Premature death has destroyed many homes. It just becomes difficult to overcome the memories of the person. This prompts people to hate death and at the same time the life given to them. They do not live happily; the meaning of life becomes meaningless for them. This is a rare condition when life and death are hated at the same times. Normally in our childhood and youth we love our life and want to keep the death away. We just hate the thought of death.
However there are people who have serving the mankind since years. They have lived their life fully and are always in search of new opportunities. These old wise people are no longer afraid of the death. They just want to give whatever more they can in their last times. At the same time there are aged people who are suffering from various diseases. These people just want death to come to them and end their suffering. Here we can see love for death and life at the same time.
Well, when death comes in the most natural way it is least painful. At the same time it drives us in our life.

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