Sunday, October 18, 2009

Missing someone.....

In our lives we have to part from our loved ones at some point of time. I had to do so when I first left for my college from Goa. We do not seem to realise the value of people we see every day. The people we live with. We fight with them, argue and what not. But there is a process that records every habit and movement of our dear ones. We do not seem to realise when it is happening but it surely happens.
And finally when the person departs we begin to miss him. We see the emptiness in the home. The things recorded in our mind start playing. It’s a very strange feeling. We start to realise just how much we miss the person. We look at the things he loved to do, the place he used to sit etc.
The same thing happens when you lose contact with an online friend. But I don’t really just how this happens?  It just happens; I have no answers…….
But I miss them a lot. My friends, family, everyone…..


  1. Ya, thats true...Same thing happens with everyone...May be that's a way God wants to make us realise, how important our loved ones are to us. Isn't it?

  2. some times god tests us how close we r to our dear ones ..... In many of the cases he takes away the persons from us whom we really loved... This is how how we value them... Isn't it..?
    BTW good post...
    happy blogging !