Monday, October 19, 2009

The Mosquito- By Roma Tearne

So for the 1st time I am writing a review of a book on this blog. This is one of the most beautiful books I have read.
In the centre it is a story of two people who have lost their loved ones and are in great distress. With time they get friends and unknowingly this turns into love. The important thing here is their age difference. The way the blossoming of the love is told is the most beautiful part of the book.

The friendship drives away all their grief and sorrow. But in the midst of all this there is the story of the civil war in Sri Lanka, the friends of the man and his wife are all going through. Also, the servant of the man, Sugi who is most loyal to his employer.
Every aspect of the story is neatly covered with intricate details. It also highlights the grave situation of the civil war. The brutality and the oppression are beautifully told.
This is one book which makes it hard to put it down. There are times when you feel so much for the characters, just hope that they are safe. Something which involves you in the story.
I hope I have written a quite reasonable review. Not really know how to write one so I have written what I liked most in it.


  1. ganapati ! m sorry but it hurts when you come out with book reviews on your blog. I never expected these reviews on your blog..... you are a man of mature thoughts so i wished some good intellect stuff here. anyway you have written it very nicely. nicely covered the content. Happy blogging :)

  2. well thanks for the compliments
    i also never thought it would have a book review, but just thought like writing it out.... mayb cz the brutality of the civil war is shown in this book

  3. I happened to read 'A Disobedient Girl' by Ru Freeman a few months ago .. Set in Sri Lanka .. The country and the persistent unrest there somehow makes a tragic but beautiful back drop for stories