Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Religion and Secularism

Every one of us follows a certain religion. Of course there are some atheists. But most of us follow the principles of a religion. More importantly we should follow humanism which is above all.
Now the constitution of India gives every individual the right to practice his religion and it is the duty of all citizens to respect other religions. Also, India is a secular state. By this no one can force his religion upon any other individual and India does not have a state religion.
From the outside it looks like there is full religious harmony among us. But when I ask people about what they think I get various opinions. The most depressing thing is that somewhere or the other there is a deep hatred towards Muslims among many Hindus. This is indeed very depressing. This does not mean that every individual believes the same. I also meet many people who are very much secular. But on the whole this sentiment of hatred is really depressing.
This is evident from the numerous communal riots that have taken place in our country. Even in Goa which is largely believed to be peace loving there were communal riots in front of my eyes. And recently the bomb blast which is also by some extremist religious organisation.
Well I do not know what the feeling on the other side is because I feel really odd to ask such a question to anyone. But it is very much important to resolve this. Though extremely difficult it is very much possible. It is much important to the stability of the country and world peace at large.
This requires a strong resolve from all the communities and the political parties have to rise above the vote bank politics. What had been done by the British to prolong their rule in the country cannot just be followed by us. We have to stand against it. I may be only a normal citizen of India but I think it’s the duty of everyone to stand together. The task is difficult but certainly possible with the effort of likeminded people.

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