Tuesday, December 8, 2009


After a long time I am back to blogging. Well was busy with my exams and then the long journey to home. Now that I am at home I get lot of free time but I am too lazy also.
Recently I read on a blog that we all students doing engineering end up being fake engineers. Well I differ from the opinion and would like to make some points of my own. Well most of us would have cleared some entrance test getting into our respective colleges ranging from IITJEE, AIEEE and various other prestigious exams. So there is no doubt that we are among the best minds in the country. The author makes a point that once into the colleges we become lazy and dormant. The companies recruiting us take us in the hope that we would be able to learn what they want us to indeed.
I don’t think it’s the way the respected author thinks. At least most of the people is see try to get into their courses and learn some concepts. Also the professors see to be making a sincere effort to teach the students what they know in the best possible way. May be there are some flaws in the system in many places but that does not stop us from studying our subjects like we did for getting through the entrance tests. Well after all it is our country and our world. And the future is in our hands. We should at least make a sincere effort to give our best in whatever we may be doing. The world indeed needs every intellectual to give his best to progress and for life to have a longer life.
Definitely there are flaws in the system according to me. The examinations need to be better and the students need to be grilled more. Also, there should be healthy interaction between the teachers and students for exchange of ideas to take place. More importantly we should have a teacher’s evaluation system in place so that students can rate their teachers. This becomes necessary when often teachers seem to use the power in their hands in a wrong way. This often taints a student’s future. This has to be brought to check. The students may be also at the wrong end but there is always a mechanism to check that but there is no reverse path, save for the constitution and various laws. But what I am talking of is a completely different problem which my fellow students would know best.
But at the end it is our responsibility to manage with what exists and do the best we can!!!!


  1. Hi...
    Although I don't know which blog article you refer to (btw mind sharing it?)...What I do know for certain is that the author does have a significant point...Majority of us in engineering have ended up here just because of an aptitude in PCM and often an aversion for Bio! Secondly majority of the engineering faculty is really not up-to-the-mark for a variety of reasons which in itself would make for another blog post...The point still remains that...Should we make the best of what we have? Or should we sacrifice our technical degrees and switch streams to something that we are really passionate about?

  2. well that is a different thing altogether
    many of us are actually not much interested in engineering after we are into it
    the whole mindset needs to be changed
    but if you are really interested then go for it.... I mean the faculty may not be as good in teaching but i think most of them are qualified

  3. hey GMB,
    thnx for u peeped into my blog. I m sorry for my late response.Anyway i respect your views but at the same time i challenge the method of selection of the professors to teach the best minds of the country. See if there is a vacancy for a lecturer or an asst professor or professor in any of the engineering institutes including the IIT's and the NIT's they just publish an advertisement in some leading daily and if you are the one having a Phd or in some cases even the M.Tech cetificate you are the best person for them to fit into that profession. They dont even give a single thought to the authenticity of those certificates and even if they are authenticated what is the surity that a person having a research experience in some particular field of Physics say 'FIBRE OPTICS' can teach whole Physics to the brightest minds of the country.
    Don't you think its risking the future of these born talents ?

    Dont you think we are on the mercy of these companies that they purchase us on the statistical data proving that that we were talented upto class XII. They dont see whether we have even elementary knowledge of engineering or not?
    And I am sure the day they will start doing this they would find none. I bet you for this.

    anyway i love the way you put forth these issues....the debate is still on.......

    and yes please do comment on my blog there itself.

    happy blogging ! !