Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Idiots!

Happy New year to everyone!
Well the last year ended with 3 Idiots and in 2010 the movie continues to rock. No one expected it to be such a hit but then it is. You enjoy all through the film but there are also some deeper points highlighted. Also, I do not know about the debate about five point someone and the movie as I haven’t read the book.
The film shows how we are carried into engineering. Most of the students doing engineering might not know why they are doing engineering. In a way it has become fashionable to become an engineer. Yes, our country needs engineers for the large amount of development but still I can say most of students won’t be able to give a satisfying answer to the question.
The education system has become such that those in 9th or 10th don’t seem to thinking what they want to study. The rule is that; get very high marks and take science. Less than that and take commerce. Even lesser then take arts. This is what the mentality in many people is. Even in schools teachers tell the same to students’ right from the beginning. This needs to be changed.
Further it has become very much fashionable clear JEE and other entrance exams and study engineering. Those who secure less marks in science go to do a B.Sc. this is the trend which I have seen during the course of my education till now.
It is only late in engineering that one realises that he didn’t want to do engineering at all. He had been flowing with the stream. In other cases it is parental pressure that makes people choose engineering as in the movie.
Another point that the movie highlights is the pressure in IITs and other colleges. Sometimes it becomes so extreme that people develop suicidal tendencies. That needs to be looked into also.
I end the post with the hope that the rule above and the system get improved so that we have right people doing right things.
Well there are some other things about the movie which come up in the next post.


  1. u almost took away this post from me. It seems that u have written it by my hands.!! Any way it is indeed the trend in India that people start preparing for IIT JEE right from class 9th and end up completely harassed once they fail to compete. More over what i have seen in Bihar is there is an increasing craze of civil services too and they do compete in their last attempt when they have already lived their half of the life.

    This topic in fact requires more than just this blog.

    Happy Blogging !!

    Cheers !!
    Ashesh Raghav

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  3. watched the movie on 31st. I enjoyed it without trying to dig too much on the message.

  4. well yes, many ppl say movies should be enjoyed without giving much to the message... but at the same time i have gone thru this and currently i am in a engg college admission for which is through IITJEE. so was just trying to relate myself with the movie