Monday, January 18, 2010

College and Students......

Well the movie may be very much entertaining but there are two things which should have been presented in a better way. The first being the ragging taking place in the institute. When the whole nation is moving towards the eradication of this menace the movie shows it in a way it should not have been. Well what started as a form of entertainment in Britain has transformed itself into a tradition (As is called in colleges) which often leads a fresher to go through a great emotional trauma. When the honourable Supreme Court of India is making its best efforts through necessary judgements the movie should not have shown it. Instead it could have shown how senior junior relationships can be developed in a healthy way. This would have had a good effect on the student community too.
Secondly the alcohol menace is also a cause of concern. Many of the college students are into the habit of drinking and that is very sorry picture. Please go through following article by V. R. Krishna Iyer (
 I really don’t understand that how people get to alcohol and smoking after entering colleges. It really has an effect on the attendances in classes and may be the performance of the students too. Sometimes it seems like that it is considered fashionable by the students. But sadly it is affecting the core of the human future.
Another point the movie rightly highlights is the mindset of the students in the IITs and other colleges. Most of the students aim for sky high packages and working in metropolitan cities. Well it is true that companies do shell out money but this mindset has to be changed. Moreover a student who in his four years has done everything except studying isn’t always right in dreaming sky high packages. Well money is important but not everything. This is a important issue and needs to be addressed.


  1. dude three things
    1) i donot support ragging but i wouldnt have been the same person i am now if i hadnt been ragged. it was my personal choice and it worked for my better... else i would have been the same softy that i was when i was a fresher. emotional hardships help you grow speciallly in a place where you have noone else you are familiar with a.l.a delhi

    2)looks like you are a teetotaler. try it out and then read your post... youll smile at yourself. i am not a regular... but even then i maintain full attendance even when i drink. smoking is a stress buster for many just like rock music and masturbation. ban all three and youll find more suicides, violence and rapes in the world. some people need it man.. let them be. it doesnt make them bad. smokers drinkers and even dopers are a league better than padhaku nine pointers, ask both of them for help and youll find out. looks are decieving dude.
    3)dreams cost man. money is important rest all is bullshit. education, marriage, kids, parents and everybody else cost man... you cannot live with your parents forever. you need to move out and be self sufficient and for that you need money. think about it this way if you didnt have money and had to tag along with your parents all day while they worked as cheap daily labour... would you have the time and the energy and the patience to study and become a student of the college you are a part of today? so money makes all the difference.