Monday, February 22, 2010

Bond with the Unknown

We all share special bonds with our parents, friends and so on. But one interesting thing that comes to my mind is the bonds we develop over a period of time.
Many of us do some things routinely. This may be taking a bus, train to work or such other things, visiting a place every day. With us there are other people in these activities. And over time we develop a bond with the other regulars. It just happens. We do not know each other personally but over time as we see them daily we become acquainted with their face and some of their personal characteristics. Consequently we exchange smiles etc.
This is very peculiar indeed. I have experienced it. The best part is when a particular unknown friend goes missing. We start wondering where he went today. After couple days of absence we become worried about him. And consequently with time we make new unknown friends, develop new bonds and forget about the missing person; unless we come to know something more about the person.
The saddest part is when some tragedy happens at our common place (like blast in a train) and our friend suffers (like in the movie Mumbai meri Jaan).
But yes these unknown bonds are always beautiful because they don’t require commitment, trust from any side.

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