Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life after death

The concept of life after death is indeed very interesting. Orhan Pamuk’s ‘My name is Red' opens with a dead man talking to you. But does it really exist? It is a matter of debate but just think of it and you will be in a different world. What will the people around you do after you go? How will you feel like in a new world? Will you be able to see what the world is doing? Or will you be able to do things you were not able to do before the all important death came to you? These thoughts just take me to a different world altogether. It is in this sea of thoughts that you may discover many of the spiritual and other secrets. It is just wonderful.


  1. your feedback about the book sounds interesting.I will try to lay my hands on it.

  2. well it is not exactly a feedback of the book but it is nice though
    i would recommend it.... the thoughts were my own and those are the questions that come to my mind

  3. its really nice from u to share ur experiences with us,we all have but one just needs to express them.......