Monday, February 15, 2010

Some memories

This is perhaps the post that is most emotionally attached to me. Though I like all my posts (good or bad) but this one is special. Because, this one is about my dad and my memories with him. This comes on the day of his 50th birthday. Indeed a special and happy occasion for me.
First of all I would like to wish my dad a very happy 50th Birthday. As I live away from home due to studies now I miss all the sweet and some bitter memories of the 17 years I lived under his care and vision.
Thus I am telling you some of the sweet memories of my childhood. One of my oldest memories is when he used to take to the doctor in the neighbourhood whenever I was not well. Then as I grew up I used to go to the market with dad on Sundays. After all the shopping I used to get a limca. Or we buying ice cream from a shop. Then come the memories of me going to sadguru studio with dad for his work. The smell of ammonia used to get the blue prints of plans. Then at home he used to cut fruits for me and my brother. Well he still does that for us. Because may be I am too lazy for that.
But yes there have been times when we have entered arguments. These have been on various issues and in recent times. That’s because I am more mature now and can discuss some real issues with dad. Talking of the recent times the most striking thing that comes to my mind is my 12 standard. Somehow I was not studying properly and dad wasn’t happy about that. He never scolded me though. Just used to tell that it is for your good only. Then comes the journey to Dhanbad. Well I have many places with dad and all the memories are for a life.
I remember an incident when I had to answer an exam in Mumbai and we had gone. We both went to a nearby CCD. Obviously in a coffee shop you order coffee and we did the same. The awkward thing for me was that the lady sitting on the opposite table was continuously smoking. She must have finished at least 10 cigarettes by the time we drank our coffee. That must have made my dad think, “What kind of a place is this where we have come”. It was indeed an unfortunate situation for me.
Also, the days we spent in Dhanbad were also very interesting. It was rainy season and we had umbrellas with us. But both of us being too smart never took them with us and then got stuck in the rain at least two times.
I think that is all. There are innumerable things to tell but honestly I do not have that much patience to type. I love writing but not typing. If only I could write and it could come on the screen.


  1. your mail reminded me of my dad and my attachment to him. although he is physically not with me but i feel his presence with him all the time.
    his words, his style, his way of dealing with situations has helped me many a times during crisis situation.
    fathers are like that only,loving, motivating,inspiring, role model for their children
    a very happy birthday to your dad.

  2. wishing your daddy a very happy Birthday and many happy returns.
    Indeed Dads are always special but mostly we shower our affection and gratitudes easily to Mom and are little shy to express such feelings to our Dad.
    Good that you expressed your feelings. Hope he reads it.