Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What are we doing????

Read the cover story of the Outlook dated 18 January 2010 and you will realise what things are happening in the society. The articles talk about the people in power resorting to take sexual favours from women in return of something. Well sometimes it may be voluntary and sometimes it is forceful. The irony however is that women are trapped in the sense that, if they don’t give in they will be at the receiving end. This was about the people in power. What about the general public?
Whenever a man sees a beautiful woman (I believe all of them are beautiful) the tendency is to pass some comments about her. It may vary form she is beautiful, pretty to maal and such other things. Well being beautiful is a good comment but many other comments raise a question about the dignity in the society. Why pass such comments in the first place. I think the fault lies in the mentality of the people. I may be also like that. But the people who have realised make an effort to correct themselves.
Then there are cases of touching in trains, buses and such other things. Why we look like that at our sisters? There are other ways of appreciating beauty too. The people who do this are called cheap and anti social elements. But many a times the so called dignified people are also seen doing this. At the same time; women are also over cautious some time. I remember an incident when I got onto a crowded bus with a heavy backpack on me. While I was removing my bag my hand touched the hand of a lady by mistake and the glare she gave me was frightening.
To add to this the saddest part is when foreign tourists are raped, molested and so on. Indians believe in the principle that our guests are like gods. Are we supposed to rape our gods? Is this our rich culture that we boast of? Surely not. But why are these crimes happening? Thousands of rapes, molestations happen every day. The thinking of the people needs to be changed. I hope these changes happen very fast. I love my country and this is not how I want to see it.
PS: If I have done anything wrong I apologise to all such girls, women. Now I make a sincere effort to appreciate beauty in the right way. (This does not mean I accept that I was wrong. Just in case it happened at any time.)


  1. good post! you wanted me to come n read this? :-)

  2. you could not have been more right about that.India is almost on the top of the list on crime against women.
    no school education teaches men to treat women with dignity,neither it is adequately taught at home.unfortunately even girls are not given education to protect themselves against such threats.
    This is pathetic.

  3. it is pretty pathetic but the fault lies with the indian woman accepting the role of being under men. yeah you may say " what the fuck i am educated and oppose female oppresion" but what about all the child marriages happening in rajasthan, the infanticides happening in delhi. you think only men are to blame? knock.. heres a reality check... more than 50 percent crimes against women are committed by women. isnt the mother of a victim of female infanticide or child marriage a woman??? hell yeah she is. maybe not with everybody but in most families... why does your mom cook and clean the house? why does she eat after everyones done? why is karva chauth such a celebrated custom when it makes the woman go hungry for her husband? isnt that also a form of male domination? stop criticizing the world... start with your own house. change stuff there and the world will follow.