Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After a month

Well i am back to blogging after a month. So many things have gone by and i am again sitting before my laptop writing a post. This is not a usual "life" post. This is something i am writing to get myself into writing those kind of posts. The last month didn't really leave time to get some eternal peace and time to ponder over wonders of the world. Events, exams and such other things. Exams bring with them a different kind of atmosphere. You want some free time but still the exams manage to extract all the time from you. Now since they are over i can get back to some thoughts and some book reading. There are so many of them in the world that there is every chance of you getting lost in them. But yes i just managed to read one of the best books i have ever read. that is orhan pamuks my name is red.
Also gone by is my birthday. It got lost somewhere in the mood of exams. The women reservation bill got passed. IPL 3 started, 2 new IPL teams added, petrol prices increase adding to the inflation. Sometimes it makes me wonder who is responsible for all this?? Right now i am in the safety of my dads finances. But think of a time in 2012 when i will be into the world on my own. I used to go with dad and buy vegetables and such other things. prices have touched they sky. So many things happening and i want to know all of them.
Finally sorry for boring you with all this. It was just a piece of my most natural things. After a tiring hot summer day. These temperatures just suck the energy out of you.


  1. lovely post buddy !!

    keep going !!

  2. So, now your exams are over, catch up with your life.
    Happy reading,have a good vacation .
    Price hike of essentials has really been bad for poors.When middle class is feeling the pinch ,poor are definitely worst hit.
    Good post! keep it up.

  3. @kirti Thanks a lot... Exams are over for only a while.. they come again in may... have to be rock solid before they come

  4. :-) you will face the world when your time comes to be on your own. for now, enjoy. I ahve been doing it from the past 8 yrs and its been a hunky dory ride, but no complaints. and yes, needn't blog during exams. the marks do count you know. you can always come back in your free time.

    And it is wonderful that you are aware of soaring prices and the responsibilities ahead.

  5. good that u r back buddy expecting some really nice stuff from u ...........