Saturday, April 3, 2010


Time is a concept that has always puzzled me. What is time? They say time and tide never stop for anyone. But does time exist really? Or is it a reference that we have created so that we have some idea of the speed of our work. When did time start? Can we stop time so that we can relax for some time?  Whenever I start to think about all this I just enter an unknown territory and I get lost in the unknown avenues.
Did time start when the big bang happened? Or did the humans start the concept of time? Is time the same on earth and on some distant galaxy?
These are some of the questions I find no answers to. Just think about these.

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  1. i dont kn how it started but definitely it doesnt wait for any one...but thnx to the TIME coz of which everything in oiur life is set...
    nice post
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