Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After a long time I am writing a new post. I have been very lazy to write some posts. Well so much has happened in the mean time. The Maoists are striking the railways at will. For the 1st time i am feeling insecure about travelling on IR. But at the same time i am a great fan of railways and i know they will come through it.
Another important thing has been the Bhopal verdict coming after 26 long years. And now everyone seems to have woken up. But sometimes i think it is too late. We allowed Warren Anderson to fly and now after such a long time it is difficult to get him back and try him. Anyway he is too old to complete the long trials in India. Well somewhere there is a feeling that the successive governments have failed to do the needful for the victims.
At the same time there is much talk about the double standards of the US. On one hand it is going after BP and at the same time it is protecting Union Carbide. May be that is double standards but we all are hypocrites. There are some questions that come to my mind. If an Indian firm causes an accident in the USA, then there is no doubt that the US will sue the firm as India has done with Union Carbide. But the question is what Indians will do. I feel that there will be some effort to protect them. If the CEO of the firm is sitting in India then we will not say that take him. He is your criminal. Obviously every country tries to protect its citizens. This is the question that is haunting me. Does anyone have any answers?
I am not saying that we should not pursue them. But these are the questions that come up. And there are enough loop holes in the law that can be taken advantage of.

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