Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We and our unruly netas....

India is the unarguably the largest democracy in the world. With the largest number of voters and contestants we have the largest democracy in numbers. But with the large population and the vastness of India this is bound. If china were to switch to democracy from communism it could well become the largest democracy in the world. Our leaders all around the world talk of India as the largest democracy. At the same time the quality of our democracy is debatable.
It is well known that in a democracy of this size there are some difficulties. But sometimes the attitude of our MPs and MLASs seems very non committal. Consider the monsoon session of our temple of democracy that began on 26 July. No business has taken place in a week and nothing is known about the future behaviour of the MPs. The opposition is adamant on its discussion of the price rise and the government says it is ready for discussion. But it never takes place. And the house moves in a series of adjournments.  The citizens’ only read in the newspapers about the MPs behaving in an uncivilised way. The business of the house is at a standstill. But we all move on saying politics is dirty. Similar is the case in state assemblies where also there are innumerable adjournments. Take the case of bihar where a woman MLA was shown rampaging the garden outside the assembly. The fact that she was protesting against alleged corruption is a different thing. First concern is the behaviour and the wastage of the taxpayers’ money. Why destroy public property? There are other ways of protest.
The privilages given to the MPs adds to the problem. As an example consider that the parliament canteen serves meals at rates between Re. 1 to Rs. 5.at the same time common man has to pay more than Rs. 100 per kg for dal. Yet our MPs behave in an unruly way.
This is not only in the parliament but in all walks of life. The first and foremost thing for any protester is to destroy public property. This is true for all kinds of protests be it the students, opposition etc. In a smaller domain we often see children say to their parents “I won’t eat food if I don’t get the toy”. This is very prevalent in Indian homes. And this is where the crux of the problem lies. From very early age children are lured into doing things. Parents give children unnecessary gifts doing things, scoring marks. According to scientists this is a wrong thing. Giving gifts and giving gifts in lieu of something is entirely different. These gifts amount to bribing. This attitude continues to come with us. And as we grow this grows into corruption and other things. The same attitude is seen when the opposition says, “we will not allow the house the function if our demands are not met.
The solution of the problem includes very difficult but not impossible. Surely it will take time and it involves the combined efforts the combined efforts of the youth and the older generation alike. Today’s youth is the nation’s future and we need the older generation to impart the correct ethical values in the youth and children. The education system should give emphasis on the ethical behaviour. Right from school children should be imparted ethical education. Even today this is being taught but mostly it is neglected as a school evaluation subject. More importance is given to maths and others. However along with these ethical education must be given the same importance. Last but not the least is the responsible upbringing of future generations. And believe me it is in our hands, the YOUTH. The youth should also keep in mind that this is only one of the many problems that face us in the future. So let us be ready for the challenge.


  1. a circus called parliament which is full of jokers @ MPs. The policy makers of our country make policies for millions of starving people, who live below poverty line, or who slog to make two ends meets while sitting in AC rooms, traveling in planes/helicopters, eating in posh restaurants, living in big bungalows.
    long live our democracy !!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice post which represents the truth of the politics of India. One good point mentioned in the post was the root for this stubbornness prevailing among us, it tells about the bribes we've always received from parents, relatives and friends. Maybe if this matter is dealt with, we can hope for a better tomorrow.

  3. Ganapati,
    Its a very thought provoking post which touches upon many issues. You are absolutely right taht our elected representatives behave utmost irreresponsibly and reason lies somewhere in upbringing and education. I hope , the next generation turns out better , if a conscious effort is made.