Monday, September 13, 2010

My native place

This post is all about my native place Heggar. It is a small village in North Karnataka district of Karnataka. Many of you must have heard of Sirsi for its Marikamba Temple. My village is just 27kms from Sirsi.

Settled in the middle of Western Ghats Heggar is surrounded by lush green forests and a river. The climate is ambient throughout the year and is very pleasant. Being in the windward side of the Western Ghats it receives a very high rainfall which is indeed a treat. I have been told that earlier it used to rain continuously and steadily for as long as a month. So this region is the place to visit if you love the rains and greenery. There are plenty of waterfalls around.

The population of the village is not very large. Actually here the village are pretty small unlike in northern India. The villages are separated by areca nut plantations which is the main occupation of the people. Well heggar consists of around 8 houses if I am not wrong. That makes the population to about 70 to 80 I guess.

The people (me included) of the village are very nice indeed. You drop in anytime of the day and you will be well received. The Indian saying atithi devo bhava is rightly followed here. People here are honest, caring, loving and very friendly.

The main occupation of the people is plantation agriculture. Areca nut forms the majority of the produce. Others include cash crops like vanilla, cardamom and coffee in some places. It is surely a treat to roam in these cool plantations.

As for me it is my native place. It is the home that I have been going since childhood. I visit here only in my holidays as my father lives in Goa. Also the festivals here with my whole joint family is what I look forward to every here. But I really enjoy living here because of the peace and isolation that I get here. The sad thing is that because of me being far away in dhanbad doesn’t allow me to visit my village too often.

PS: I have posted some pictures of vanilla plant.


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