Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Thought

Welcome back after two months. Don’t know why but I have become less dedicated toward my blog. Maybe I have run out of ideas or I am just lazy. I hope it is the latter one! Well this thought penned below just came to my mind suddenly while I was having a cup of tea.
Can life be considered as a circle or a line? We start our lives as small babies knowing nothing of this world. And over the years we accumulate a lot of information and experience. Then a time comes when we are no more. Can this life be considered as a line? Consider the starting point as our birth and the end of the line as our death. But this would mean that there is nothing after the end. Also we come of nowhere and suddenly disappear. Definitely our bodies are there for a while but I mean to say the energy, the soul within us. The straight line doesn’t really provide anything for this. From where we come and where we go suddenly.
Next I thought of the circle. This gives some interesting things. In this there is a never ending cycle that continues to infinity. We take birth, live our life and again after death the cycle continues. And the radius of the circle can be considered as the number of years we live. But from where the circle comes? The universe is also fundamentally circular or spherical. All the planets and heavenly bodies move in circular or elliptical orbits. Hence I guess the circle is the more appropriate approximation.
There are some more shapes that come into my mind like the spiral and so on. But every time I meet a deadline. None the less it was a good feeling to go through these thoughts. I would love if you add to this line of thought.

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  1. what an intricate and thought provoking post.
    even i am undergoing the same phase, so many ideas to write about but the urge doesnt come . but seeing your post i think there is hope for me also :-)
    even i have thought so many times about the life and death issues with no answers forthcoming.