Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 26

Welcome back to life. First of all I wish all of my fellow citizens a happy republic day. It has been a long time since I blogged. A new decade has come by and almost a month has passed. It has been mostly my laziness that has kept me away from the blog. Still it is better late than never.
So we are now celebrating 61 years of our republic. On this occasion there was a poll on the TOI website that asked how one felt on this great day. The options were as below,
I clicked on the option c and was surprised to find that most of the respondents chose c too. But I guess this is a quite popular perception among the people. One may argue that very few people participate in these polls and it may be rightly so. But the counter point is that the number is due to the lack of access to education and later internet. After a year of scams it is natural that the public perception be sour.
2010 was a year full of scams and all bad things. I remember very few good and happy things that happened in 2010. Right from the CWG scam, adarsh scam, the IPL imbroglio, the Karnataka land allocation scam and the mother of all scams the 2G spectrum scam. Coupled with all this we have high inflation, prices of vegetables soaring, petrol price hike and all that. Also we have the Maoists creating havoc in the east. Jammu and Kashmir has its own problems.  All this leaves the common man with little to smile for. How can he smile when he knows that his hard earned money paid in the form of income tax is going into some secret account in a Swiss bank and not in building the road next door? And then we have a respected lawyer who also happens to be a minister claiming that the government has not lost a penny from the 2G scam. The loss may be of a smaller magnitude that suggested but it is certain that money has been lost and has gone into wrong hands. I guess the people are not fools to believe that.
The irony is that the voters are not left with any options to vote for. Every party has its own scams which they display in their resumes. So whom should the voter vote for? I definitely think there are people of immense integrity and honesty in this great land of ours but where are they? What we have read over the last year is mostly sad news. We need more people like our prime minister, Dr. Kalam and so on.
Having said all this I hope that this year will be more cheerful and the culprits are given punishment. We really need a more refreshing and happy year for the country ahead leaving apart our personal lives which need to be happy too.
Jai Hind

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  1. truly said.all the bad aspects of year 2010 will highly effect the life of lower and middle class people.Inspiring one.