Friday, February 4, 2011

Happiness and Satisfaction

I guess i am back to regular posting.  It feels nice to be regularly posting. I hope I can continue the trends though the days get busier as the semester proceeds. I have been utilizing this time to do some serious reading. Right now I am doing a book on philosophy and on the politics of India since independence. So this post maybe expected to me a mixture of both. After reading the book on politics I have come to understand that Nehru was indeed the best PM we have ever had in-spite of his little inclination towards socialism. And I would better not tell my worst PM.
Coming to something I have been thinking since long. We all are happy at some moments in our lives. At time we are saddened by some incidents. But are we really satisfied at any point? I guess not. It has always been said that man can never be satisfied. And that is why we are so much ahead in science and technology. But is it hurting us somewhere? True that we have developed but look at we have made of the environment. Numbers of every animal in the world except man are decreasing.  Look around you and you will find that the number of trees has been decreasing. This is because man cannot be satisfied. I guess man has to learn with a little happiness. I know it is good to develop but not at the cost of others.  Every one of us is happy most of the times. But I don’t think we are ever satisfied with what we achieve. And this is the reason I get to read the news of minors being raped every second day. How can we become so low in our morality and ethics?
It is good to be happy but be content with the happiness. I think at least we should try to do this. So that we don’t encroach another’s territory. All said and done it is human nature so there is little you can expect. But be careful in our longing for the ultimate satisfaction which I doubt exists.
This has turned out to be lot different from what I intended to write. Anyway be happy.


  1. There are three things with a very thin line-
    Satisfaction, Contentment and Complacency. If we understand that, there won't be any encroachment or lowering down of morales.

    Nice post :)

  2. @S well true.. you need the 1st two but you should fall into the last one.. then you are very successful.. do read my new post on unhappiness