Sunday, February 13, 2011

Living with unhappiness

Last time I wrote about happiness and satisfaction and now I think I should write about the opposite of happiness also. We all go through periods of unhappiness, sadness and all. And most of the time it is these unfortunate moments that live with us rather than our happier moments. So at time it becomes difficult living with them.  At the same time there are some people who master this living. At there are people who just let go of the sadness and move on.
So how do we live with sadness? There are some things which hurt us so much that they remain with us for a long time. Some souls come under the pressure of that and just lose themselves. They flunk their exams, do nothing useful, and just lie in their beds and so on. Then there is the second category that looks like they are as cool as ever and you don’t even get a hint of what is inside them. But in their hearts they are not happy. They do their usual work as usual but there are some particularly moments when they are taken over by the sadness. Still they don’t show the world what is in them. They are very good at hiding that they are unhappy. They do their work happily throughout the day but right at the end when they look back they can’t get that contentment that they desire. There is something that is missing. That is what sadness is all about. So which you think is the better one? Which one do you think you are? I guess I am the second one. Though I think there may be more categories.
Then there are other kinds of sadness which we can just let go. These are more routine ones. They may not be sadness as such but dejection or small happenings which make us sad for the time being; bus as I say that the world is very colourful and we get into the colours of the world and forget everything. This is something that you enjoy sometimes. The colours of the world are attractive after all. So the mantra is if you are unhappy just keeping it cool. All is well. Everything happens for good, that is what I believe and I tell everyone. But there are some instances when sadness can get one you. This could be for various reasons. But one has to remain cheerful and happy so that others are happy too.

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