Sunday, February 20, 2011

World Cup 11

So here we are, into the second playing day of the 1st cricket world cup of the new decade. And the hype about the world cup seems to be too much. All the newspapers are dedicating at least 3 pages to the world cup coverage. But the number of pages of the newspapers has remained same. So effectively that means reducing the content of other stories. This is not very welcome I guess.  At the same time I understand India is a very cricket crazy country and people love to read and watch things about cricket. All the channels have roped in different experts, ranging from legends of cricket to some people who have played just a handful of tests. I love cricket too but I guess there is a limit to which the media should pounce on it.
 I guess there are lot of other things around us other than cricket. We should look at some of them too. So many beautiful things other than cricket. We have the budget session of the parliament starting tomorrow. It is such an important session of parliament. After a washed out winter session everyone is hoping for some work and some accountability on part of our law makers. And throw some light on the lots of scams that have come to the forefront.  There are lots of other things too. I can’t mention all of them though. So for the all the diehard fans, look around yourself. There are other things too.
And for those who don’t like cricket, do read Karan Thapar’s Sunday Sentiments on the Hindustan Times dated 20 February 2011. Click here for the article.

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