Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life goes on....

Its a long time since i wrote a post on the blog. And it felt nice when a couple of people actually asked me if I was not blogging now. That felt nice. At least two people read my blog. So here I am in the final year of my engineering with a new post. In the mean while life took me home, Bangalore, to my village, to Mysore and back to college. So u just thought that life goes on or rather we have to go on in life. It was indeed a very fruitful two months of holidays. I did some positive work. Otherwise all other of my vacations as wastage of time. It was indeed very nice to work at LRDE. And I think I did some useful work over there. Would miss LRDE and Bangalore for sure. Particularly the volvo buses of bengaluru that I took everyday. It was indeed a very nice time with all my brothers and sisters. And got a chance to meet some new people too. But the time came when i had to leave bangalore. It was sad but then life has to go on. So i was back home in Goa. As I entered Goa it started raining. It was indeed very nice in the rains. Have been missing the rains of Goa since three years now. Here the rains go as soon as they start. Well then again life goes on. Well thats it... Have to go on in life :P

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