Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Generation Gap

Generation gap is something we have always heard of. It is supposedly the difference in the way of living and thinking between two generations. This has suddenly come to my mind when i read a article about this in the Hindu. So what is this all about. Today's generation has become too westernized in its ways i guess. We hate is when our parents tell us something about how they struggled to get where they are now. We just say leave us alone. But why does this happen? Are we too much bogged down by the so called generation gap? It sure exists but then we need to reduce it. We can try to teach the new technologies like Facebook and so forth to our parents. We can teach them how to maintain an online identity and interact online. And our parents always try to teach us values that they think shaped them. So it essentially comes down to trying to bridge the gap rather than widen it.

This is important as the generation gap is increasing at a rate greater than before. This is because of the pace of the revolution that is taking place. Children only 2-3 years younger than me think in such a different way that I feel there is a sea of difference. So unless we try to accommodate the other generation while maintaining our ways there is no way forward.

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