Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Hypocrisy

Recently the planning commission of India filed an affidavit in the Honorable Supreme Court of India giving the definitions of the poverty lines in India. he Indian media as it is spread that it is Rs 32 per day per person and something else for the rural areas. This is quite mearge amount for a person to live given that Rs 32 is the average amount i spend for coffee everyday. It is the irony that we spend so much and some people are expected to live on just 32 rupees. There has been much talk among people and the media alike. The middle class seems to be talking a lot about the cutoffs. In the mean time the Planning Commission has clarified that the cutoff defined by them is not on a per day per person basis but on a monthly basis for a family of five with one person earning. I dont know how does it make a difference.

There is however a very sticking point to be made. The middle class seems to be really concerned with the poverty line and it should rightly be. But does it implement in its daily life? We try not to give an extra rupee to the workers, the rickshaw walla and so on. At the same time we spend fortunes shopping for luxury clothes, expensive pens( i love those), shoes and what not. But we do not make an effort to pay the poor a little more for their services. I do not mean to say that  we should be giving money for free. But just to make an effort to reward the services of the poor and not so well to do with more money. An example i see close to me is the life of the mess workers who serve us food. They are paid very less. But its kind of a circular problem. We as student scant spend too much and if we pay them more and more out food prices will shoot up. At the same time I do feel that we need to be more concerned about the poor around us. Help in the way you can. I want to make the efforts. I hope you will too. :)


  1. Ganapati,
    you are so right in yr observation about middle class mentality to try to save on the services given by poor while not minding to pay premium on branded products .
    Its so unfortunate that our govt thinks 32 Rs is good enough for a person to sustain for a day when milk in 24/per liter , any veggy is 40/kg ........
    Although our middle class sensibilities remind us continuously about what we are spending as luxury and what as needs and many of us share some part of our earning with our domestic helps and other service providers , its not enough to change the scenario. What these less previledged people need is organised effort and long term solution.

  2. Firstly, the figure in rural area is Rs 26 a day.
    Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia has said "it is not all that ridiculous" in Indian conditions. "The fact is that Rs 4,824 per month for a family (of five persons) to define poverty is not comfortable but it is not all that ridiculous from Indian conditions,"

    Well we should start seeing Indian conditions from Monteks' eyes.