Sunday, November 4, 2012

Times have changed

Well, it has been more than a year since I last wrote a post on this blog. And things have really changed in the year that has passed by me and the other 7 billion homo sapiens around the world. The United States is in election mood an it is having a very large following in India. Sometimes, I feel there are people who are either endorsing Obama or  Romney without having even the slightest knowledge of the problem facing our very own India. This has to be the height of westernization. True, the president of the US is arguably the most powerful person on earth and his election is bound to interest across the world. Then again, we have to look at our country and its problems first before rooting for Romney or Obama.

Now to some other things, a year ago I was still a college student looking for a job and now I am earning enough to save 50% of my salary. Back then I was dreaming of living in Bangalore now I am living in Bangalore. Now my dream is to live in a house of my own, where I can have complete freedom and command over what I do and what I don't do. What has not changed however is my desire to move my blog completely to WordPress and the inability to do so because I don't understand all the options on WP. My liking for books, libraries has also not changed. Now that I am in Bangalore I can visit the Blossom Book store and get immersed in books. What has changed is the time I get to do my reading. My relationship status has also not changed over the year or rather over many years :)

A year ago team Anna was still team Anna, now it is a crowd with people moving in different and non coherent directions. Team Kejriwal keeps coming with new allegations against the people in power, the media relishes the dish while it is hot and in a weeks time the media finds that Kejriwal's dish has become cold. So Kejriwal again goes to his kitchen and comes up with a new dish that is still hot. The media again relishes it as long as its hot. Some part of media appears to be more biased than it was a year ago. BJP is a divided house with everyone pulling other's leg to become the PM candidate. Congress seems to give the feeling that they have started to look withing for answers to their problems. But do their problems really have an answer? We have to wait till 2014 i guess. Indian politics has indeed taken a very dangerous turn and it may well lead to out decimation given that the Economy is in a very bad state. But anyway I am no expert on this.

A year ago England were still at the top of test rankings, Lance Armstrong was still the hero who cam back from a severe disease, Djoker was still looking invincible. But a year on England have been taken to ground, Lance Armstrong has been stripped of all his honours and we saw the rise of Andy Murray making tennis more interesting. The world is dynamic after all except for some things which don't change.

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