Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One year in the industry

July 6th marked the completion of one year in the software industry. After one year of working at Samsung i guess it is time to look back and see how life has changed. One thing i miss is the regular visits to the library in college. Not just for studying engineering but the multitude of journals, magazines, newspapers available in a library. True, I got a membership of the British Library in Bangalore but as it turns out it is difficult to be a regular visitor from a different end of the city. That too with Bangalore traffic its a nightmare.

On the personal front I have read some good books and some not so good books. But the most important of all is the progress in the Amateur Radio application. Well I answered the exam almost a year ago and the police verification got over just a week back. I still do not know whether the police verification will be sent without any issues and whether I will get a license or not. Still, happy with the progress made. However, I think the process of getting a license should be made easier. Its a tedious and long process right now.

I have also moved from a sharing home to a single home. And I have to say that this is turning out to be good. Although sometimes it gets boring the privacy achieved is priceless indeed. Plus, I have learnt to cook a little bit. Its a work in progress. Have to visit home regularly to get tips from Mom.

Now to the most important part i.e. work. It has been very good year indeed. The best feeling is to get a good amount going into your account every month. I mean in my student life I never had such amounts in my account. Also, I have got to learn many things. I got introduced to one of the most beautiful things in the world, the linux kernel. In addition we have android, on which I work daily. Met some great people in my colleagues, managers and other new friends at the company in general. Have learnt so many useful things in the past one year. I hope the company benefits from me as much as I benefit from it too. There are some downsides too but I guess its not very wise to write in a blog.

I guess that is all the good things that happened over the past one year. And for the year ahead I plan to blog more and more. Once in a month if not once in a week. And read more of course.


  1. Good writing.. fresh perspective on things.

  2. Good writing. Fresh perspective on my take on life.