Thursday, April 24, 2014

As India votes

As India votes to elect a new government at the center, it is time I reflected upon the last ten years through which I have grown from a teenager in school to a working professional. How much I have matured is still a question though. But, I think I will add my two words here.

As far as I remember, most of the people I talked to were the supporters of the BJP in the early 2000s. So, I thought BJP is the party to look up to and why not? The government then was headed by someone as good as Vajpayee. Then, we came through the elections of 2004. I, as a teenager had thought that the BJP would win hands down, given what I had been hearing. Then, voila the Congress came into the government. It was then that I started to follow politics with some interest. Dr. Singh seemed to be a good and able man to head the government and the first five years actually saw some good things according to me. The RTI was the stand out for me. Things were running pretty smooth for my eyes at least. I mean, they had some very able and educated people who were able to lead the government very well.

In 2009, I had some expectations that the congress government would come back for a second term. And they did, with more number of seats than before. This time I had thought that the time had come, where the congress would rule for more years to come. Their tally would increase in coming elections and they might go back to the old times again. This was my feeling just when the government was formed. But then again, I had my reservations given the kind of allies they had. Now, we all know the story that followed very well. Scam after scam and here in 2014, we are basically left with no choice. On the one had one has to punish the bad governance the UPA 2 gave and on the other we have supporters of Modi, who seem to be making very dangerous statements in the public. Now, Modi may be a good man and all they but his supporters scare me a lot. Same is the case with the AAP. I honestly believe they should have stayed in Delhi for a longer time and shown some effective long term governance. I agree they have done some good things in the short time they were in the government but then, the verdict is for a period of five years and not 49 days.

So yes, as India votes, I am very skeptical of the times to come. Some people are offering a very bright future, but will that hold? Only time will tell. I do hope however that, we as citizens will do our part and be good and responsible.

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