Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bangalored by Traffic

I have lived in Bangalore for about two years continuously now and here are some things about the traffic which come to mind

1. Traffic at Silk Board and Tin Factory will always be slow moving, no matter what time of the day you choose to travel.

2. Vehicles who want to take a right turn always drive on the left lane till the time their right turn comes.

3. BMTC buses will always bully you unless you are driving something with more than six wheels.

4. There will be people driving in the opposite direction of traffic movement on virtually all roads. And they do it like it is their fundamental right.

5. Motorcycles have higher moral right over the sidewalk than pedestrians themselves.

6. When the light turns yellow it means that you should go faster. When it turns red it means that you can go on for another two-three seconds. Also, the pedestrian green signal is never respected.

7. If there are heavy rains in the time slot 5-7 it is advisable to work more and deliver ahead of your schedule. This might help in your appraisals too.

8. It is perfectly alright not to stop when a traffic cop calls, if he does not have a camera to capture your plates.

9. Guy at the back of the waiting traffic at a signal will start honking as soon as the light goes green.

10. Most drivers will consider allowing an Ambulance to pass as a dent on their ego.


  1. I love when people write about Bangalore! :)

    Talking about traffic - isn't it the case everywhere in the country? I could relate each of those points in Delhi as well. Oh how I hate those people who start honking as soon as the light goes green!

    1. Oh yes. It would be almost the same in all major cities of India. But yea, I wrote it as a series of posts before I move out next month.

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