Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the gift of words

I love letters. Letters which are written on paper and sent over the post. Over the years I have written many letters to people across India and some to a friend in Germany. But, sadly I have not been able to continue them for more than a couple of years. However, I do hope to revive some of the friendships soon. Mostly, the reason of discontinuation has been Facebook :(

I have also written letters and emails to some very famous people. These are mostly the authors whose work I like. One of the German authors I had written to even invited me to his office if I happen to visit Germany. But the most important letter I have received so far is from perhaps the most famous and best sardar ever, the one and only Khushwant Singh.

I have not read much of his works, but one fine day, while reading a magazine I happened to chance upon his address. Straight away I wrote a letter to him, expressing my liking for him and my dream to become an author someday. At the time of writing the letter I didn't even know if the address is proper, whether he would read the letter and so on. I forgot about the letter once I wrote it. I didn't even remotely expect a reply from him. But then again, he is known to be a great man. And one fine day I find this in my mail.

I was extremely surprised by the fact the a man in his 90s took time to respond to a letter by some random guy. Great respect for him and may he rest in peace. This remains one of my prized processions till date. I hope I do live the dream of writing a book and getting it published. I also do hope that the value of this letter keeps on increasing with time :)

PS: This is written after being told to write about this by a fellow blogger S. Her blog can be reached here


  1. Hey...that's SO cool !

    All the best with you writing plans :)

    1. Thanks! Don't know about the writing plans, but at least I have something valuable. :)

  2. Wish you all the very best . Hope to see your work soon ..