Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why I think I am a feminist?

Feminism has come to be a very powerful word in recent times. It has also become controversial at time. The idea of feminism however, seems very simple to me. To me, it echoes the idea that men and women are equal and should be treated on par in terms of economic, political, social and other matters. Now, the idea seems simple enough and it looks as if it's easy to achieve it.

I was brought up in a family which has a high regard for women. I always made friends who treated women as equals. Even my extended circles usually consisted of like minded people. However, when I stepped outside and talked to a few other people, it dawned upon me that the world is very unequal towards women when it comes to their social, political and economic rights.

The greater worry for me however is that there are people who hate the idea of giving equal rights to women. Recently, Emma Watson gave a rousing speech about equal rights and there were posts threatening her with consequences. I can't understand what kind of people these are.

Until recently, I was kind of wobbling whether to identify myself as feminist or not. That does mean that before that I did not share the idea that women should have equal rights. I did that before too and I have the same ideas now. But, the word feminist in itself has come to become a controversial word in my opinion. People interpret it in so many wrong ways that controversies arise out of it. This to me is just sad. It is a simple idea which is difficult to implement. Hence, it is sad when people interpret it in a way that suits them to rubbish the core behind feminism.

One would normally think that educated people will have better common sense and respect the rights of women. But then again, that is so not true and many of the educated people I meet tell me things like "look at her, going out in those clothes etc etc". This is one of the many many reasons why we need feminism as a idea and as a movement to eradicate the old patriarchal ideas we live in.

But now, I am quite sure I am a feminist. We need more women to become empowered and strong so that we have better moms, wives, girlfriends, daughters. 

PS: I am lazily redesigning the blog, so it may look crappy while in transition(not that it looked good anytime.)

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