Monday, December 29, 2014

one semester gone by

It's been a long time since I wrote a post on this blog. If the minuscule of my readers are angered then you have every reason to be so. In the past few months, I have opened blogger many a times, but only to go back and watch YouTube.

The past few months have been pretty eventful, however. I moved from Bangalore to Tempe to start with graduate school. The journey so far has been pretty good. I have made some new friends, maybe lost contact some of my older friends, I am even trying to make some new friends.

The story of this journey, however cannot start without mentioning the first ever intercontinental flight I took. Yes, it was a Boeing 747-400 for the first leg, 747-8i for the second leg and finally a A320. The journeys were peaceful and the food was good on Lufthansa. I don't remember anything of the last leg however. That's what happens after 24 hours of not sleeping.

Then began the classes and I never realized how the semester went by. The fact that I didn't have a job and money to spend didn't help. Oh, how I wish I had a million dollars to spend. No really no. Ten thousand dollars would be more than enough. Anyway, it's most boring to talk about the semester and studies.

The experience with US has been very good so far. Many things different from India, many things better than India, some things worse than India. Being a heavy user of public transport in Bangalore, I am quite happy that there is some public transit that exists. Not that I have used it much anyway.

In other news, I am an amateur radio operator now. I dream which I had for a long time has been fulfilled. Only things which remain are to buy a kick ass radio and to make lots of contacts. Upgrading the license too. Yes, it took me two weeks to get a license in US. Compare this to India, where I didn't have a license in hand even after two years of writing the exam. I kid you not, the amateur radio licensing system is still in Vedic ages. 

I also completed two books and blazing through lot more. This is the time of the year goodreads tell you to set a challenge for yourself and I have failed it consistently over the few years. I started with 20, came down to 12 but still no results were forthcoming.


  1. One semester already gone! There are times when things go so fast that you can't breathe, and then there are times when things go so slow that you wonder - when will this get over?!! That's life in college I guess.

    Happy New Year to you and your pretty woman :) I am gonna wait for other details :P

  2. Looks like I'm dropping by during one of your blogging lulls... Nevertheless, congrats on getting your license :) Happy new year!